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Secret Sauce values both partners and suppliers thanks

  • Pitbull Studio

    Pitbull Studio is an exceptional Unreal Engine video games developer founded from a team of highly experienced games industry professionals: they specialise in creating stunningly visual games and applications and working with revolutionary new technologies. The team on average have 10 years games experience.

    Most recently Pitbull Studio have specialised in supporting studios working with Epic games multi award winning Unreal Engine - including Epic Games (developers of the Unreal Engine 4), Vatra Games (developers of Silent Hill: Downpour), Playsoft, Geomerics and many others.
    The Pitbull team are carefully recruited and all have track record is developing Unreal Engine, as well as years of games development experience. They are supported by the Epic Games team in the US and are the most qualified Unreal Engine team in Europe.

  • Epic Games

    Epic Games, develop Unreal Engine technology which is known for cutting-edge graphics, world-class tools and superior cross-platform scalability. The award-winning Unreal Engine 3 powers hundreds of games and is integrated with dozens of leading middleware technologies. Epic's breakthrough Unreal Engine 4 offers unprecedented graphical capabilities and workflow improvements.

  • GameHorizon Conference

    GameHorizon conference is a leading future gazing event for decision makers in the games industry. Carri Cunliffe (MD of Secret Sauce) is a member of the advisory board and original founder and still supports and attends this leading event.

  • Byker ward committe

    The Byker Ward committee ensure that the Byker community have regional support and assist voluntary organisations.

  • SCEE

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. R & D department

  • Tenshi Consulting

    Tenshi consultants have experience of all aspects (from both sides) of the due diligence process can provide a thorough assessment of a partner's suitability for an investment or a project. Our deep knowledge of the games industry linked with or direct experience of raising money as well as making investments puts us in a unique position to support and advise investors seeking to become, or who are already active in this space.

    • Sector overview and breifing
    • Due dilligence
    • Analysis
    • Audit
    • Project monitoring and oversight