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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Pitbull Studio – Best Of Breed!


Welcome to the first Pitbull Studio blog!  For those of you who do not know, we are an expert technical programming development studio, headquartered in Sunderland but with offices in Guildford and Leamington Spa. We are thrilled to be working as a partner of Epic Games on the awesome and powerful next gen technology: Unreal Engine 4.

As an industry leading, innovation focused, games developer, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented industry professionals – especially those who have killer programming skills.

Our first blog is by Emma Phillips who is our HR Guru who has been very busy expanding our team over the last year.  We asked Emma some leading questions….

What attracted you to Pitbull Studio?

I liked the fact Pitbull Studio is a growing business. I also felt, based on the conversations I had with our CEO Robert, prior to joining, that I could make a difference.

I certainly had not anticipated that the business would double in size in my first year! It has been both challenging and very rewarding to be part of such a successful fast growing team. I genuinely love my job, and every day is different. The guys I work with are ok, too J

Was the reality different in any way from what you thought the studio would be like?

I hadn’t worked in the industry before but expected it would be more informal than previous companies I’d worked for. On my first day, I walked into the office to find the guys playing with remote controlled cars but soon realised they work extremely hard and the occasional “playtime” helps build a team spirit.

What makes Pitbull Studio different from other games studios?

The main difference with Pitbull Studio is our flexibility. One colleague felt like he had a regular 9-til-5 job here, whereas when at previous games companies he had almost signed his life away with overtime during ‘crunch’.

How would you describe the culture?

The studio is very relaxed, friendly and informal. It sounds cliché, but I feel like we’re a family. I hope as we continue to grow we’ll be able to maintain the atmosphere we have.

Do your employees spend social time together?

I seem to act as the informal ‘Social Secretary’ from time to time! Most of us have family commitments, but we try to get out as often as we can. We’re not always painting the town red as some of us are a bit too old for that. We leave that to the youngsters in the Studio!

 As the person at the coalface of recruitment what has been your biggest challenge over the last 6 months?

It has been very challenging and exciting, especially dealing with recruitment over 3 different locations. These locations are all established clusters of games professionals, which means studios are competing for talent.  However, this has not been as issue for us as our great reputation and positive work culture has attracted first class candidates. There has not been a month since I started where I have not had a new starter.

We have a streamlined process, which I am involved with from application to induction; we think this personal involvement allows us to choice the right candidates for our culture are well as helping new recruits feel part of the team quicker.  This is why we do not use recruitment agencies.

You have offices in 3 different locations now – how do you manage the remote studios?

We use communication technology and schedule regular visits, and we all feel like one team.  There is only one person who I have yet to meet in person, and he’s based in Poland!

Has Pitbull Studio contributed to your development?

Definitely, at Pitbull Studio I have a clear and important role to fulfil within the company. I have been encouraged and supported to return to education on a part-time basis to study HR Management.  I am thrilled to be able to increase my knowledge for personal and company development..

 Contact for more information on joining out positive pack!

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